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Mission & Vision
To head the distribution of Office Automation and Imaging Supplies for the industry and foster growth through partnering relationships and forming alliances for a better tomorrow.

Note from the CEO
“Long term competitive edge is a dream of the past and future can only be achieved by forming alliances through business relationships. This is the business strategy we strive on.”

Profile and History
AOE specializes in supplies for printers, copiers, fax machines, computer consumables, hardware and other related imaging equipment. We provide both Original and Compatible Imaging supplies and consumables.

Original & Compatible
Supplies comes in two make Original (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing) or Compatible (manufactured by a different company to serve the same purpose). OEM supplies are supplied by the Original Brand manufacturer, such as Canon, Ricoh, etc. to be used in their own particular make and model of the copier, while compatible supplies may come from a single manufacturer of a particular type of supply, such as toner or drum but is supplied for all makes and brands of copiers. While there is slight or no difference between the two in quality, latter is lower in price and different in packaging.

The company dates back to 1983 to its fonder Late Mr. Azam who was the first to start the distribution of compatible Imaging supplies and copier spare parts in the UAE market. Since then AOE has grown exponentially having several branches in the UAE, Copier maintenance division and the re-export office in the free-zone area for the GCC, Middle East, Africa, CIS republics and the Indian Subcontinent

Quality is embedded in our products and services, as products are obtained from renowned manufacturers who are ‘ISO 9001’ certified. Our ‘all under one roof’ variety, bulk quantity, competitive prices and excellent quality adds up to our distinctive competitive advantage in the region. Having one of the largest warehousing facilities in the industry and sound logistics helps us to ship your goods through the span of 24 hours.

Fair and personal consumer care as well as excellent product availability and logistics are natural for us. We realize the importance of flexibility, which is must to eliminate the core rigidity. The greatest intellectual assets of our organization are its people who are proactive, putting customer satisfaction at utmost priority. We are convinced to be the perfect long-term distribution partner for your company.

We wish you and your team a prosperous business and we look forward to a durable and successful cooperation.



Toners of all famous brands available at Azam Office Equipment.

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Drums of all famous brands available at Azam Office Equipment.

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Developers of all famous brands available at Azam Office Equipment.

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